Monitor closely your business.

Easily accessible from your tablet or your laptop, Elsieapp allows you to access and control all your data at anytime, allowing team collaboration in a safe, private and secure environment.

Deliver a consistent high level of professionalism  

With a powerful suite of tools and modules integrated in your workflow, your team will access a new level of customer relationship management and resources planning, allowing to streamline your processes and deliver effortless high quality service.

All the usual template documents are generated from the platform, cutting your needs for 3rd party systems : send quotations, booking, transfer and accommodation confirmations, amend bookings with ease and keep track of events for a clear team communication.

Stable, scalable and evolutive

Over the past 10 years of helping school to improve their business, we learned that switching solution is not a decision to take lightly. We designed Elsieapp having in mind that scalability and users should not be a limit. Elsieapp will cope with an unlimited amount of students or bookings.

No matter your school size at the moment, Elsieapp will adapt to your ambitions of growth and the industry’s new requirements,  allowing your staff to deal with large amount of data in an efficient way. You stay in control of your budget without the hassle of discovering hidden costs.

Safe and Always-up

Because your data is the most valuable in your business and you need to be sure it safe and guarded, we use the most reliable technology to guarantee your data is safe and backed up at any time. Elsieapp has been built and is maintained by an experienced team.

And to make sure everything runs smoothly, an efficient Users Management Strategy allows you to control staff access to their relevant areas, providing each team member with only the informations they need.

Test, measure, decide your growth.

One of the most challenging part when running and managing a language school is to make the right decision at the right time.

Being able to access your data through your dashboard allows your to have all the necessary informations when you need it :  Gross output, turnover, booking analytics will allow you to measure your school performances, which agent performs the best, or even on an operational level to audit your business.