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Taking Care of Your Students

ElsieApp delivers an extensive range of solutions that will ensure your students receive the most professional learning experience. From the earliest engagement, through their time spent with you and even after they’ve returned home, you’ll be able to tailor their journey efficiently and effectively.

  • Greet students with pre-populated confirmation documents for bookings, travel transfers and visas

  • Track accommodation requirements and ensure a perfect host match

  • Manage payments and invoices across multiple currencies

Empowering Your Teaching Staff

Prepare your classes and your teachers in advance so they can maximise time teaching rather than in administration - Prepare arrival tests, assign teachers based on level, prepare exams, monitor all results and attendance, track teacher time sheets.

Tracking & Reporting Your Success

ElsieApp gives you the tools to easily keep on top of key reporting requirements:

  • record and report key weekly statistics such as nationality mix

  • easily automate British Council and English UK Quic reporting.

Engage Your Key Stakeholders

Agent relationships are critical to the health of your business. ElsieApp allows you to:

  • manage your agent deals and payments

  • maintain key contact lists

  • manage meetings

  • providing valuable statistics on agent performance.

Business Forecasting & Planning

Being able to easily understand your current and future business is critical to growth. ElsieApp gives you the tools to make sure you know where your business is heading.

  • at a glance view of all your student bookings

  • view status updates and follow your team's work in real time

  • plan your next package offer

  • measure ROI of specific campaigns

  • easily analyse marketing costs and school performance

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