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Discover How elsieapp can help you

Get the best solution for each department of your language school


Registration - An extensive and tailored solution to manage, amend and communicate about the booking and the student life

  • Accommodation, documents, transfers, personal requirements

Invoicing - Keeping track of invoices related to a student experience

  • Net and gross invoices for students and ETOs or ECs

  • Payments to ETOs or ECs and accommodation payments

  • Unpaid Invoices


Organise - Prepare all the classes and test, assign teachers based on level, prepare exams, record and monitor all results

  • Arrival tests

  • Class management

  • Exams


Manage - Organise your ETOs, ECs, offer multiple details, mointor bookings and see how your team performs to keep track of the business in real-time

  • ETOs, ECs, Embassy : manage multiple deals and specific contracts

  • Student Report display at a glance all your student’s key information

  • View status updates and follow your team's work in real time

Analyse - Elsieapp gives you all the information you need to plan your next package offer, identify opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of a specific campaign

  • ETOs/ECs statistics

  • School performance

  • Marketing costs

Click To See The Full ElsieApp Feature List

Click To See The Full ElsieApp Feature List